…for freedom is a delicate and subtle gift, easily perverted and often squandered.
-From the Introduction to Galatians, The Message Bible (Eugene Peterson) 


We are afraid to give our children too much freedom because if we do, they’ll get crazy, go off the deep end, and lose all control.  But how often do we stifle and quench our children’s creative spirit, zest, and energy all in the name of being orderly?    When you think about it—we have done the same with our own lives and so it just makes sense we do it with others.  
I am convinced that God is all about passionate followers hard after him who stumble from time to time versus having just a bunch of yes men all walking single file, never daring to step out and do something that might be taken the wrong way by his contemporaries—such thinking hinders us in stepping out into the freedom we have to love, share, laugh, cry, serve and hurt.  Daring to live free does take courage.
 I am emphatic about this. The moment any one of you submits to circumcision or any other rule-keeping system, at that same moment Christ’s hard-won gift of freedom is squandered. I repeat my warning: The person who accepts the ways of circumcision trades all the advantages of the free life in Christ for the obligations of the slave life of the law.    (Galatians 5:2-3, The Message Bible)
If Christ has given us freedom—shouldn’t we practice, cherish, promote and rejoice in that freedom rather than waste it?