We have retreated into our nice big buildings.  Where we sit in our nice cushioned chairs.  Where we are isolated and insulated from the inner cities and the spiritual lostness of the world.  Where we give a tip of our hats to world missions and evangelism while we go on designing endless programs that revolve around us.  And while we should be on the firing line for God, many of us are still in the nurseries of our churches drinking spiritual milk!  We have two options: Retreat into a land of religious formalism and wasted opportunities, giving ourselves to a nice show every Sunday pleasing our conscience but not really making a difference in the world—or we can risk everything for the purpose for which we have been created…

We will either die in our religion or we will die in our devotion.

-Dr. David Platt 


A fellow blogger I read—Amy Graham of Birmingham, Alabama—posted the aforementioned on her blog and stated the words she recalled from a message one Sunday morning changed her life.

I believe her. 

My gut tells me that I am a man in conflict.  I have knowledge of what to do but fail so often to do that which I ought to do.  I am torn between my will and my Masters will.  My lower nature wants to be heard and followed when the last thing it wants to do is follow Jesus, or to put it bluntly—help anyone else.  I have too many carnal goals, and not enough sanctified priorities—too many vain lusts, and not enough holy passions—too many broken promises, and not enough quality relationships—too many carefully put together excuses, and not enough Godly fruit—and too many worldly possessions instead of heavenly valuables.

We work to feed our appetites; Meanwhile our souls go hungry.  (Ecclesiastes 6:7, The Message Bible)

Spiritual anorexia is the epidemic of our day—is your soul going hungry?  Getting a tattoo of some ancient Chinese jibber-jabber below your midriff will never satisfy your soul.

Only Jesus can do that.