…Maybe we should have more courses on evangelism, pray for the lost more than we do, learn some new postmodern techniques or create another film that will point to Jesus.  It could be that we aren’t effectively using mass communications or planning enough.  Perhaps we aren’t good enough, committed enough, don’t know enough or can’t debate well enough.

I don’t think so.  In varying degrees, we’ve already done all that.

What we have done is take something quite simple and made it complicated, hard and almost impossible to do.

What’s the Gospel?  People are screwed up.  If they go to Jesus, he will fix them, forgive them, love them and never let them go.

What’s evangelism?  Somehow letting people know the Gospel.

That’s it?  Yeah, that’s it.  In its understanding and execution, it really doesn’t take a brain surgeon!

-Steve Brown


I think it’s a first degree offense to God to act as if our dedication and hard work is the reason anyone one comes to Christ.   My belief about this horrendous misconception has only deepened instead of lessened the last several years as I have spent a considerable amount of time scrutinizing my hunch and investigating the gospel message to see just how wrong I must be.  I’m not saying I’m right, I just think anyone would be hard pressed in proving me wrong.

I’ve read and heard at least a thousand testimonies over the years and one that never ceases to make me squirm is the infamous account that starts out “I’ve gotten every last one of my family members saved and all sorts of other people including everyone I’ve ever sat next to on an airplane…”.  

Listen, we might get the opportunity to plainly present the gospel message—but we are to take no credit whatsoever for an accomplishment so beyond and above us (which by the way, is an accomplishment consumed and consimated in the person and work of Christ himself).

32 ”And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”   (Jesus, John’s Gospel c12 v32, ESV)

I can’t give you an account that lists in detail how many people I have shared Jesus with, its better I leave the numbers to God.  Just as soul winning isn’t complicated, its not about another notch in our evangelism tool box. 

Our role always comes down to simply lifting Jesus up.