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…and while I am you can follow me on my blogs elsewhere (seen in the left column).  Between this blog and trying to put the finishing touches on my book proposal that I finally settled on (the general premise,  flow and content of the book I am writing that is), carrying on here has taken a backseat in order to keep my foot on the gas pedal (the old too many irons in the fire to keep any hot thought). 

While I intend to make a couple small changes here at Nullus Extra Cruem with the direction I want to go in the days ahead, I plan to blog here again and hopefully soon.  

Keep blogging and more importantly keep your eyes on Jesus!

a blog about radical discipleship, the gospel of grace, a theology of the cross, Christian spirituality, the mission of the church in this world and whatever else on the same wave length that may be running around the brain of a hopeful Protestant.

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