I’d say there is more gospel here than in many seeker sensitive messages on any given Sunday.  Mick Jagger may be a bit rough around the edges and a little resistant to the whole idea of becoming a follower of Jesus, but he clearly understands more than many “preachers” do about human nature.

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Saint Paul the persecutor
Was a cruel and sinful man
Jesus hit him with a blinding light
And then his life began…

Augustine knew temptation
He loved women, wine and song
And all the special pleasures
Of doing something wrong…

I said yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Youll never make a saint of me
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Youll never make a saint of me

And could you stand the torture
And could you stand the pain
Could you put your faith in Jesus
When youre burning in the flames

And I do believe in miracles
And I want to save my soul
And I know that Im a sinner
Im gonna die here in the cold
I said yes, I said yeah…

John the baptist was a martyr
But he stirred up herods hate
And salome got her wish
To have him served up on a plate…