12711718_d9f56a89c6_mI picked up a book last week at the bookstore titled “Luther for Armchair Theologians” by Steven Paulson.  Those familiar with my blogs know I have an affection for Luther that dates back some twenty years now.  What I like most about the monk turned church reformer was his constant attention on Jesus irregardless of whatever the topic at hand was. 

Here’s an excerpt that hit home for me (page 90-91)…

Luther once had a daughter who died in his arms.  His grief broke him, since he had no other God to pray to than the one who took his child.  He was not interested in nice hair-splitting explanations of this event, such as that God didn’t want his child’s death or had nothing to do with it, or couldn’t change it even if he wanted to.  In fact, Luther understood that trusting God only increased the problem of having a God, so that he commonly quoted Psalm 116: ‘I believed, therefore I was greatly afflicted’ (au. trans.).  If life’s main goal is temporarily to minimize problems by hoping they go away, then it is better not to believe in Jesus Christ.