Several years ago now (15 to be precise), I was a kid youth pastor promoting concerts, pulling off all-nighters, organizing missions trips, and preaching to young people about the virtues of Christian living (it was a time in my life in which I didn’t have a very good handle on the whole gospel vs. law thing so my preaching had a distinct moralistic tone to it and I just didn’t do a very thorough job of presenting God’s grace in Christ lets say).

I ran across the following several months ago now and it brought back memories for me.  I’ll admit that we had a special guest or two who pushed the envelope (a note: you weren’t one of them, BB).  And for the record, I was no Ignatius (just ask the kids in the youth group from back in the day).

This guy however, is something else (for those who might not get it I’ll state right now that it is a sarcastic spoof).  Sadly though, this is the only gospel some young people get.

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