Icross painting 2f a message of grace tells us there was and is no judgment any more, and that God has simply put judgment on one side and has not exercised it, that cannot be the true grace of God. Surely the grace of God cannot stultify our human conscience like that! So we are haunted by mistrust, unless conscience be drowned in a haze of heart. We have always the feeling and fear that there is judgment to follow. How may I be sure that I may take the grace of God seriously and finally, how be sure that I have complete salvation, that I may entirely trust it through the worst my conscience may say? Only thus, that God is the Reconciler, that He reconciles in Christ’s Cross that the judgment of sin was there for good and all.  ~Peter T. Forsyth, The Work of Christ(London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1910), 167–8.
In other words, the cross represents the depths of God’s grace because of the terrible judgment of God it spares us of.  Jesus stood in our place condemned and endured the wrath of God on our behalf.  And it’s this same cross that is sufficient in erasing our guilt that makes the assurance of our salvation solid and the forgiveness of sins sure.
Grace without judgment as its backdrop is nothing more than a nice little gesture at best.