nunsTim Brister has been blogging about the lost habit of repentance the last several days and I have benefited from his doing so.  A couple weeks ago I ran across the following clip from Spurgeon (although I can’t seem to reference it) and the words came back to mind this evening thanks to Tim’s reminders. 

His compassions are new every morning, because every morning I commit fresh sins.  Strange creature that I am, I can scarcely open my eyes to the light ere my complex nature begins to display the darkness that still lingers within me.  Miserable mass of humanity that I am by nature, I can hardly breathe without offending in the thoughts and imaginations of my heart; and even though I may watch my eyes, and guard my tongue, and keep the members of my body pure, yet my heart still goes wandering, and my tongue before long speaks idle words.  Yet the mercy is that, with the new sin, there always comes new pardon, for ‘His compassions are new every morning’… We have been washed in the precious blood of Jesus, and we are clean in the sight of God, but we need to be daily cleansed from our daily defilements, and every morning brings us grace.  ~C.H. Spurgeon