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preacherNot sure how serious or accurate my friend and blogging mentor Michael Spencer (aka imonk) was when he said recently that “About 98% of the Christian blogosphere is written by preachers about preaching,” …but I do know that I don’t weigh in on the matter all that much (which I surely have my opinions about).  It could be that its been almost 15 years since I stepped into a pulpit.  Or simply—although Spencer is exagerating—there is some truth to what he says and I figure there’s no need to add my 3 cents worth since I don’t preach anymore (from the pulpit at least, but would surely consider). 

So I’m not turning a new leaf over just yet—just gonna pass on some wise advice that showed up in my inbox today.

A man may be called to preach the gospel in the same place for years, and he may, at times, feel burdened by the thought of having to address the same audience, on the same theme, week after week, month after month, year after year.  He may feel at times at a loss for something new, something fresh, some variety. …It will greatly help such to remember that the one grand theme of the preacher is Christ.  The power to handle that theme is the Holy Ghost; and the one to whom that theme is to be unfolded is the poor lost sinner.  Now Christ is ever new; the power of the Spirit is ever fresh; the soul’s condition and destiny ever intensely interesting. Furthermore, it is well for the preacher to bear in mind, on every fresh occasion to rising to preach, that those to whom he preaches are really ignorant of the gospel, and hence he should preach as though it were the very first time his audience had ever heard the message, and the first time he had ever delivered it. …To preach the gospel is really to unfold the heart of God, the person and work of Christ; and all this by the present energy of the Holy Ghost, from the exhaustless treasury of holy Scripture.  ~C.H. McIntosh, Notes on Numbers, 1869

I couldn’t have said it that well if I had tried.


HT: Tom Wood

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